Web Design

NEXTGEN Leadership

I was approached by Next Generation Leadership to help with developing the visual brand from the start and applying the fresh look into the web. After the logo was designed and colors carefully selected, the website was updated with basic functionality for this Business Coach. The brand images were also carefully selected to illustrate a concept of growth and flight and all things considered optimistic in one’s career. The simple images and use of white space makes it very visually appealing.



During the weeks following the Covid19 outbreak, Entrepreneur Iain Wise saw an opportunity that would make people rethink how people join together for happy hour. A former bartender who lost his establishments to overzealous district property owners decided to take his tip jar to the road. This concept established BEERFARM, an adult beverage warehouse delivering to the entire country of Switzerland, with expedited shipping to areas more local to the site.

We started from the ground up; developing the branding and all things associated with this new endeavor visually. The website was a great example of success from teamwork and I handled the front end, with another third-party working on the back end of the store. The website would become a welcome center, a store, and a gathering place for patrons to share blogs about anything and everything you might overhear at your local pub. Someone once said “Never waste a good disaster”. BEERFARM listened.




Born from the abrupt changes caused by COVID19, streemy is the concept created by a sound studio owner and manager Axel Kroell. Axel and “streemy” are centered within a circle of creative minds and musicians in Germany. With COVID public gathering restrictions, musicians in particular had no means of income being unable to perform live. Streemy was invented to bring these musicians, poets, speakers and other artists back to the stage, this time via a live video stream that customers could enjoy on the internet. “Tickets” can be purchased in advance online, and not only could you watch and support your favorite artists live, but also own a recorded version of this unique experience.


The Melt Boxx

This website is an e-commerce platform for made-to-order scented candles and wax melts. The online store accept payment via PayPal and credit card. A simple and free Stripe.com account is all that is needed to connect credit card payments to the bank account. New products are added to the site occasionally and arranged for shipping throughout the lower 48.



Jon Armond Voice Actor

Naturally, voice actors rely on their audio demos to get work and Jon needed an updated website through which he could demonstrate his voice. We took his online presence a step further and began building a visual brand that represents his style and preference. We designed his new brand identity complete with logo, fonts, backgrounds, art direction, photography styles, color palette and fonts. We then created a layout that would make finding and listening to his wo

rk as easy as possible by having everything located on a single landing page.