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Linda Weathers -
Business Coach

Linda Weathers needed a new identity for her new business coaching endeavor. With most of her focus on accounting, the logo mark is the combination of math functions such as plus, minus, multiply, divide, and percentage, with the sum of these parts creating a beautiful floral icon. Read the full discovery brief on page three of brand solution. View full document.

Morningwalk Farm

The logo is represented in a badge-type of format that helps tell the story of an agricultural adventure. It is decorative in nature with the scrolling bars above and below the logo type. Set in “Epitaph”, the logo type brings to mind a sense of the outdoors and resembles something from a hiking path. The font “farm” is a handwritten style that gives it a personal touch. The sun element brings to mind a sunrise, reinforcing the morning aspect of the company name. A line noting the year of establishment is added to the bottom as an optional consideration. The brand colors are derived from ideas of growth and abundance. Green is a typical color of organic prosperity and good health. The main green in particular is very dark in order to produce the highest contrast and readability even at the farthest distance. View the full document.

Hope Restored -
Debt Solutions

With the company name “Hope Restored” already established, we bring the name to life using assets that play the parts of a care, compassion, and a helpful organization. The main type font used is a script font with a hand-written slant. This type of character adds a personal feel to the branding. The bird logo mark represents a sense of upward flight and freedom. In Western culture, the blue in the logo represents credibility, a very important trait to have when dealing with personal cash flow. The purple color adds a sense of exclusivity and high level. The sub text is set in Arial and reveals itself in contrast to the main hand-written font as a serious and dedicated service. View full document.

Tailor Made -
Vocal Master

This design takes a visual queue from a fused illustration of an opera singer and a treble clef symbol. The colors chosen are of a vibrant saturated palette that brings a sense of excitement and movement. The logo type is a script font called Arizonia Regular that has a dance-like quality. The dash character between “Tailor and Made” is modified to fit the script more seamlessly. View the full document.

Cannabis Accounting-
Linda Weathers

The logo is inspired by the styles of computer icons from the early 2000’s, specifically from Apple. This logo actually takes a page from Apple’s font game plan making use of San Francisco; the same font used on Apple’s keyboards and other software applications. It’s super real looking with the glass / candy surface styles. The fonts used are bold and easily readable. View the full document.

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