Exhibit Design

Wendy's Corporation

An American favorite; renewed.

Separate meetings areas encourage private conversation spaces, replacing the open cafeteria style as was the case. A waiting room was added so visitors could be seated comfortably before their scheduled meeting.

When we first met with Wendy’s, their trade show presence had been less than satisfactory. Wendy’s needed to expand their updated identity into the trade show experience. It is at trade shows after all, that Wendy’s presents their newly modeled restaurants.

And if we can expect anything at a trade show, we can expect visitors and staffers to bring everything they need before traveling home; all of which can be safely stored in the tall Wendy’s red “blade” centerpiece.


open for business.

After Skyline continued to develop new systems over the years, a long term client of ours, CASTO, had an opportunity to update their exhibit at the annual ICSC show. Originally, I had worked with them on a layout that would serve their main purpose of creating private meeting spaces; there was big business to be done at this show. With more and more meeting spaces added as time passed, we worked together to create a more open space with more architectural design details that better represented CASTO’s brand.

Meeting areas were defined by laying out blocks of space, and building from the inside out as they did not want any business deals to take place near crowded areas. We incorporated backlit graphics of some of their history to show their longevity in the industry, and created more areas for storage to eliminate clutter. We decided to keep the clean look of the laminated wood textured flooring, but added just enough padding underneath for comfort.


Wall sconces, wooden slats, faux stone wall textures, and carefully chosen greenery were added to reinforce the look of a professional commercial building. Their exhibiting had always been a success, but with this new look, even their competitors could not help notice the attention to detail that makes CASTO stand out. 


Our partners at WBNS were planning to upgrade their main broadcast studio to accommodate a variety of new shows. Their budget did not allow for a new permanent installation and they needed to be able to break it down and move it, so they reached out to Skyline to help them create a new modular set. We were also able to provide different styles to the structure to fit any given topic. We decided to use a combination of collapsible truss and rigid panels that could break down and be stored conveniently. The graphics produced are changeable and the large tension banners could easily be changed as needed. The two main new shows were a morning show and a sports program. The exhibit later became useful for fundraisers and political broadcast.

A few years later, WBNS 10tv had yet another weekly talk show in the mix, however, we had an enormously tight turnaround that would require immediate action. The wave textured panels we had in mind had a six week lead time, so we recreated it as a graphic instead, also lowering production costs. Fortunately, the branding had been established, so we went to work on building a temporary back drop. We built a backdrop that stood on its own, and printed directly the desired texture. The branding was produced as a backlit logo, which turn out brilliantly, even on screen. This backdrop is used on the main set and is set aside when not used.

Several things set this apart from your typical trade show booth. For starters, the concept included life-sized cut outs of golfers on the green. The golfers are posed illustrating a golfer having just sinked a long put, and tossing the ball back to the caddy. The golf ball would be suspended mid-flight, seemingly flying through the air, literally hung from the hall ceiling as any other structure large or small would be. The other aspect that makes this concept so unusual is that the 20×30 space is not a perfect rectangular plot. The organic shape of the golf green was to be created using fake grass rollable turf of different heights and filling in the outside curves with the same color carpet used for the show hall aisles, creating the illusion of a real green with different levels of grass cuts and rough.


CAPSA Solutions reserved their 20×30 space they typically use for one of their largest annual trade shows, however, their location was not typical. The location was about as far away from the front entrance as you can get; not the best location for a busy show and one this large in size. This realization sparked the idea that finding them and the products they produce would be like finding a diamond in the rough. And with the show being in one of the most synonymous cities associated with golf, Orlando, it was logical to tie this diamond in the rough concept with a golf green. 

Clarke Schaefer Hacket EASTON Columbus Interior

This project was designed to welcome employees and clients to their new facility proudly located by the eastern entrance of EASTON Town Center. Included in the newly added points of interest is a timeline spanning the very rich company’s history with a variety of stand off graphic and full 1st surface vinyl. The lobby was warmed up with horizontal stand off graphics and a much warmer grouping of seating.

Royal Building Products

The old building was in dire need of a makeover which ultimately included updated seating area, wall vinyl graphics and an assortment of stand off graphics. This class room environment needed to be taken seriously, and these minor adjustments were greater than the sum of their parts.